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The Website Allotment - Plot 48

Date started:
July 15th 2007

West Sussex, England, at the foot of the South Downs.

8m x 6m approx (20ft x 18ft approx)

The allotment is roughly a square. It lies a the foot of a hill and is fairly exposed to the prevailing winds.

Allotment rental cost per year (2008/2009)
£18.50 (a bargain!)

The photograph above shows our allotment on day one. 16 allotments had recently been created from a field that had been used for animal grazing. The allotment area had been ploughed but was now covered with a carpet of lush annual weeds. Note the minimal amount of weed clearance that has taken place. The sign that an allotment plot existed was four, one foot high posts, strategically placed on each corner of the plot. One post was labelled '48' to indicate that this was plot 48 - our allotment.