Why grow fruit and vegetables on your allotment?

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Organic vegetables are all the rage at the moment. Supermarkets display increasing large ranges of organic fruit and vegetables, grown without the use of artificial fertilisers. However, organic produce prices are expensive compared with the prices of normal produce.

One day, normal produce may be organic, but until that day, it is cheaper and much more fun to grow your own fruit and vegetables.

Some of the benefits of this enjoyable hobby are:

1 Producing your own produce is cheaper than buying produce in the supermarket.

2. You know exactly how your produce has been grown - what chemicals have been used, whether or not the produce has come from genetically modified sources etc.

3. There can be no fresher produce than the produce that you pick from your own vegetable patch or allotment.

4. Working on an allotment can keep you fit - digging, hoeing, raking and constant bending/standing up helps maintain fitness levels.

5. Working on your allotment or vegetable patch is relaxing - helps you get away from the usual day to day stresses.

6. Social benefits - ranging from the opportunity to chat with your neighbour about how your runner beans are doing to arranged social events by your local allotment holders association.

So, what are you waiting for? Get growing fruit and vegetables now!