July, 2007

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July 2007

15th July
The site was a grazing field up until recently. It's been ploughed and in between the ploughing and the plots being allocated to allotmenteers, the annual weeds have taken over in vengence.

This month has been operation 'plan for the allotment' meaning plans have been put in place to find a cheap second hand shed since not having anywhere to store your tools is a real pain.

A second-hand shed needing a home was eventually found on eBay - £83 for a £260 pound shed that had been set up as a dark rooom in a garage. The shed had been dismantled and was ready to take-away.

The cost of the transport for 10 miles was £20 (using a 'man with a van' also found on the internet on the gumtree website). Add to that the bits needed to set it up (concrete paving stones and 3x3 pieces of wood for the base etc) and the total cost for the shed was around £120.

Here are some pics:

The shed arriving - delivered by a man with a white van.

The shed, mid-way through construction - it took all day to put up.