Fences - erecting a rabbit-proof fence

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Fences - erecting a rabbit-proof fence

If you live in an area where rabbits are a problem, and your allotment area does not have a rabbit proof fence around the outside, you will need to erect a rabbit proof fence which is partly buried in the ground to prevent the rabbits from burrowing underneath. Here's how you do it.

1. Buy the posts to support your fence. Paint them with wood preserver.

fence posts2. Buy the chicken wire for the fence. Do not go for a large mesh, otherwise the baby rabbits will be able to squeeze through.

3. Position your posts firmly in the ground.

4. Dig a shallow ditch around the edge of your allotment where the base of your fence will be buried.

allotment fence5. Attach the wire (staple guns are very useful for this), making sure that the bottom 18 inches is partly buried an turned outward to make an 'L' shaped flap.

6. Replace the earth around the base of your fence. And there you are! Of course you may want to add a gate if you are not up to stepping over the fence.

finished fence













water trough







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