Useful power tools for an allotment

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Useful power tools for an allotment

The main problem with using power tools on an allotment is lack of power. Most plots do not have access to mains power, so unless you have a generator, you will need tools powered by batteries or petrol engines.

Here is a selection of tools you may find useful:


This is one of the most common items purchased by allotment holders and vegetable gardeners. They are not cheap - so look out for second-hand ones in your local small ads. I recently saw one advertised for £150. However, they make quick work of preparing your plot for planting. If digging is bad for your back, a rotivator is definitely worth considering.


These are useful for removing unwanted grass and weeds that grow around the edge of your allotment and on the surrounding paths. Battery and petol powered version are available. Expect to pay up to £100. Beware of budget versions. I recently bought a battery driven strimmer for £21 - and it lasted no time.

Lawn mowers

If you have grass paths in between your vegetable beds, you may need a lawn mower. Small, petrol mowers are probably your best bet.

Tip: Wear the necessary head, ear, and eye protection, and heed all manufacturer’s operation and safety recommendations when using power tools.

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