Useful links about growing fruit and vegetables

There's a wealth of information available on the internet giving helpful advice on every aspect of owning an allotment and growing fruit and vegetables sucessfully.

Here are a selection of popular links concerned with growing vegetables on your allotment or vegetable plot in your garden.

BBC Gardening

he BBC website is full of useful information for the gardener and grower of fruit and vegetables alike. The BBC produces many TV programmes on gardening along with the long running Gardener's Question Time which help on all aspects of gardening and fruit and vegetables.

The Royal Horticultural Society

The RHC is based in Wisely, Surrey, just off the A3, and is well worth a visit is you are passing. There is an excellent shop, cafe and restaurant and of course the gardens themselves. The website gives you access to a huge database of horticultural information here including information on fruit and vegetables as well as flowers.

Grow your own - gardening magazine

This a newish publication aimed at anyone who wants to grow their own fruit and vegetables in their own garden or on an allotment.

National Vegetable Society

The National Vegetable Society NVS is a charity dedicated to advancing the culture, study and improvement of vegetables offering help and advice to novice and expert show grower alike.

Met Check

This is my favourite weather site. This site has a great feature of giving you predictions in 3 hour sections - with easy to see at a glance symbols descibing what the weather is going to do. A very useful site - worth bookmarking.


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