Definition of a weed

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Definition of a weed

What is a weed? A simple answer is any plant that is growing where it should not be growing! Weeds can be classified as biennials which grow from seed each year, or perennials which persist from year to year.

Examples of weeds include:

- Broadleaf plantain - perennial, spreads by seeds that persist in the soil for many years

- Burdock - biennial

- Creeping Charlie - perennial, fast-spreading plants with long creeping stems

- Dandelion - perennial, wind-spread, fast-growing, and drought-tolerant

- Goldenrod - perennial

- Kudzu - perennial

- Leafy spurge - perennial, with underground stems

- Milk thistle - annual or biennial

- Poison ivy - perennial

- Ragweed - annual

- Sorrel - annual

- Sumac - woody perennial

- Wild carrot - biennial

- Wood sorrel - perennial

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